He just gets to watch us leave… 

The move is looming. We have been co-living for about 2 weeks now. I move at the beginning of next month. I have had pretty severe changes of heart. Luckily the ones where I don’t think I’m doing the right thing do not last very long. He is pretty sad and quite mute. Which almost makes things easier. Not his sadness, but his muteness. I have all of these new exciting things happening, and all he has is watching us leave.

I not only have started this blog, I have become an Independent Sales Consultant for a brand I love, I am getting a new car, a new house, and some “new” furniture. He just gets to watch us leave. He is keeping all of our furniture for the most part. Everything in this house will remind him of the past 6 years. Everything. I don’t know if I would be able to do that.

I haven’t cried yet. 6 years ending and I haven’t cried about it yet. I think maybe its because I don’t really regret any of it. Our time together has been pretty good. There have been some really happy times. But man there have been some really bad times as well.

Ive been trying to write a bit each day, but have been unsuccessful. I feel like even writing is a big decision these days. And there have been a plethora of those.

I’m going to end this one here. Sorry.

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