regrets are….

I think I just want to list a bunch of my regrets to put them out in to the universe, and then maybe I can stop thinking about them so much…

  1. I regret not being better about writing down all of Finn’s first
  2. I regret not being more career minded when I was younger
  3. I regret every single I time I feel like I hurt someones feelings. Every. Single. Time.
  4. I regret now realizing sooner that alcohol triggers my anxiety more than anything
  5. I regret not being more serious about some things
  6. I regret not being kinder to myself
  7. I regret treating myself so terribly
  8. I regret not watching the Star Wars movies earlier in life
  9. I regret being terrible about interrupting people. I catch myself in the middle of doing it. It drives me just as nuts as the person I am interrupting.
  10. I regret every single time my son has every had to look at me around my phone
  11. I regret losing touch with so many friends
  12. I regret being such an insensitive bitch for quite a while
  13. I regret …

I think I will continue to add to this over time.

Its another short one tonight. I have to keep reminding myself that this first week has been more about meeting my goal of posting for seven days straight. This week is quantity over quality. I am hoping to find a happy medium here soon. I want to try my hand at blogging about a recipe I have made. I will probably do that this weekend. I made the recipe tonight, so I have pictures!

I hope everyone has had a great day!

-Mary Beth

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